Sky Candle, Chinese Lanterns, is a specialist Sky Lantern company offering top quality flying lanterns.  Our Chinese lanterns are suitable for any occasion whether it is a christening, birthday, wedding or even a memorial and will definitely make any event enchanting and magical.

Sky Candle offer both natural Chinese Lantern packs and mixed packs of coloured sky lanterns. Sky Candle also offers packages of Wedding Sky Lanterns which include disposible lighters and lanterns ready to use at your event. You will also find candle bags which are great for lining the pathways and entrances, or to put onto tables.

Unlike other manufacturers our floating lanterns’ fuel cells come ready attached so all you have to do is light the fuel cell (using a normal lighter which you can purchase at the checkout) and watch in wonder as the skycandle floats up to the skies. Chinese Lanterns are known to carry luck and good fortune and can be seen for miles and will certainly leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Sky lanterns float in the air and reach up to 1'500 feet. Standing 108cm tall, the Sky lantern once self-extinguished floats gently to the ground and is 100% biodegradable and flame retardant.

So if you are looking to celebrate that important event Chinese Lanterns are perfect for providing that memorable event. Flying Lanterns make for great viewing and end the night perfectly. Visit our history page to see the history of Sky Lanterns.