Wedding packs

A popular choice is a ‘release’ of some description whether it is butterflies, balloons, doves, or fireworks and these are all popular crowd pleasers. Now there is another option to add to the list with the choice of a Sky Candles that are made from biodegradable paper so tick all the right boxes for an eco friendly display.

The flame lit underneath provides the uplift using the same principle as a hot air balloon to float the lanterns into the sky on a calm dark evening for a dramatic display.

The Lanterns can be used both day and night You can ask your guests to write their own good luck messages on the lanterns which can be read by the bride and groom whilst the crescendo of the release reaches its final moments.



Please take advantage of our special wedding package price offer:

20 Pack of Sky Candles including 10 safety lighters

Price: £ 45.00

40 Pack of Sky Candles
including 20 safety lighters
Price: £ 79.60
60 Pack of Sky Candles
including 30 safety lighters
Price: £ 99.00
100 Pack of Sky Candles
including 50 safety lighters
Price: £ 146.00